Rules and regulations :


Rules and regulations:

The standard terms and conditions as below are applicable to all booking requests processed by us whether received by mail / web / phone. We do advise our clients to go through the specific rules and regulations as stipulated by various carriers (Airlines) on their respective websites. In case of any ambiguity, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. All Fares listed on our website are subject to availability

2. Fares are Subject to change without notice

3. Please check visa requirements with the respective consulate/embassy before getting your travel booking confirmed.

4. Please be advised that penalties apply for changes and refunds. The processing time where applicable is circa 6-8 weeks.

5. In case of no-show or denial of boarding due to any reasons (e.g. late or non reporting at the check-in, invalid travel documents, flight status, etc to name a few examples) by the airlines , we cannot be held responsible. We advise our clients to take the note from the airlines in writing which will help them to argue the case for any compensation, if applicable with the customer service department of the respective airline.

If there are any issues due to ‘ticketing’, we will do our utmost best to help out.

6. The rules and regulations relating to delays, cancellations or diverting etc of flights are clearly laid down by the respective Airlines. Lisbon Travels cannot be held responsible for any loss due to any reasons for the delay, cancellation, diversion of the flights. Our customers are requested to please get in touch with the respective airlines for any compensation or claims in this regard. Lisbon Travels will always make efforts to facilitate the process.

7. Please be advised that the rules and regulations for fares, cancellations, changes etc are subject to change by the respective airlines at any point of time. Lisbon Travels will do their utmost best to facilitate however cannot be held responsible for any loss, damages or penalties in this regard. This will need to be borne directly by the passenger as per the rules stipulated in this regard.

8. We advise all our clients before accepting the bookings and confirmations to go through the terms and conditions as explained above. We also explain these terms in our email responses and on phone while accepting the bookings. Thus all the bookings made and confirmed are subject to these terms and conditions.

9. Please control the spellings of your name(s) and other travel data on your bookings before the printing of the ticket. After the printing, the changes are not allowed and subject to respective rules and regulations of the airlines. We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damages once the ticket it printed.


10. We apologize, but cannot be held responsible for any loss or damages due to any typographical errors in our communications – mails, website, communiqué etc.

11.We accept payments in cash , Credit cards , Paypal . Cheques are not accepted.

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